Success Stories

The GEMAP Model has produced significant institutional reform in Liberia.

Through GEMAP assistance, the national budget process has become faster and more accurate, and spending in line with laws and according to plan. A state-of-the-art concessioning framework for mineral deposits introduced measures to maximize sustainable contribution of mining to the national economy. The transfer of knowledge, technical skills, and negotiating expertise to Liberian officials led to the successful negotiation of the $2.6 billion Bong Mines—the largest concession in Liberian history. An analysis of fuel usage based on a detailed vehicle and generator inventory completed by the GSA resulted in potential savings of over $9.3 million in the FY 2008-09 National Budget and $6.5 million in the FY 2009-10 National Budget.

Revenues have nearly doubled since 2005 at Roberts International Airport, the major gateway to Liberia. The institution is now close to full compliance with international aviation standards and more attractive to international airlines. In all of the GEMAP supported state-owned enterprises, tighter controls over procurement and financial practices have saved the institutions millions of dollars. The co-signatory authority of all USAID GEMAP Financial Controllers was handed over to Liberian counterparts by October 30, 2009, on schedule, following a positive assessment of the institutions’ capacity to manage their finances effectively and responsibly.

Below are links to sample success stories from a variety of institutions that received GEMAP assistance. Please also visit each institution’s page for a more detailed overview of major GEMAP achievements.