United States Agency for International Development

USAID has been the largest contributor of technical assistance under GEMAP and played a key leadership role in this multi-donor partnership. The Economic Governance Steering Commission (EGSC) overseeing the activities of GEMAP was co-chaired by the President of Liberia and the United States Ambassador to Liberia. The GEMAP Technical Team, the main coordinating body of the program, was co-chaired by a Government of Liberia official and a representative from the State Department.

USAID provided technical assistance to the majority of Liberian institutions receiving GEMAP support, in a number of technical areas including National Budget processes, regulatory reform, concessions reform, public asset management, state-owned enterprise reform, organizational change, and national ICT policy and strategy formulation. The Government of Liberia institutions that have received USAID-funded GEMAP assistance include:

  • Ministry of Finance

  • General Services Agency

  • Ministry of Lands, Mines, and Energy

  • State-Owned Enterprises:

    • Roberts International Airport

    • National Port Authority

    • Forestry Development Authority

    • Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation

    • Monrovia City Corporation

  • Ministry of Public Works

  • Liberian Institute of Public Administration

  • Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission

  • Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs

Please see the Featured Institutions page for more details on USAID-sponsored GEMAP activities.

Information on USAID Liberia GEMAP activities can also be found on the USAID Liberia website.