Roberts International Airport

In 2005, Roberts International Airport (RIA) was operating at a loss, had negative cash balance, lacked essential operational and safety equipment, and was far from compliant with international standards. USAID GEMAP technical assistance has positively impacted revenues that have nearly doubled since 2005. The institution now has a steady bank balance and is close to full compliance with international aviation standards.

Achievements and Impact at RIA

  • Instituted tighter internal controls, including a Finance Manual and Airport Operations Manual, leading to improved revenue collection, procurement, and expenditure processes. Cash balance increased from regular overdrafts in 2005 to over $0.6 million debit balance in 2008, and net income increased from over $0.5 million net loss in 2005 to over $0.9 million net profit in 2008.

  • Produced quarterly financial statements between September 2006 and September 2008. Installed a new automated general ledger system to begin preparing monthly statements.

  • Improvements in budget preparation processes significantly reduced budget approval time: 2009 budget was approved in December 2008; 2008 budget was approved in April 2008; 2007 budget was approved in July 2007.

  • Produced quarterly budget performance report for all RIA operations between 2007 and October 2008.

  • Led ad hoc project management groups to the timely completion of IT systems upgrade and terminal, staff housing, and installations renovation works, with remarkable improvements in airport operations, infrastructure, and customer service.

  • Procured and installed $4.5 million in equipment to upgrade airport security and facilities infrastructure.

Please see the relevant reports and documents in the Library for more information on GEMAP assistance activities at Roberts International Airport.