National Port Authority

At the National Port Authority (NPA), USAID GEMAP implemented a large in-house training initiative that would enable NPA finances to be managed more efficiently and effectively. The volume of problematic procurement activities decreased as documentation and due diligence systems were improved.

The USAID GEMAP Team also focused on taking larger initiatives to concretize the efficiency of financial management by introducing, installing, and managing the transition to an automated accounting system at the NPA. The completion of the transition to the automated system was a major achievement, considering the volume of transactions that NPA had been processing manually. Equally important was the basis for other achievements of major milestones in the roadmap for the termination of GEMAP co-signatory authority, which was transferred to the NPA Finance Director as scheduled in October 2009.

Achievements and Impact at NPA

  • The payroll process shifted from cash payments calculated by ad hoc spreadsheets to direct deposits calculated by specialized payroll software, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in payroll and reducing opportunities for corruption.

  • The Finance Department produced financial statements for 2006 and for each of the first four months of 2007. After a gap due to institutional management changes and changes in the implementation course of USAID GEMAP upon IBI International taking responsibility for program implementation in October 2008, an assessment was conducted to determine the most appropriate accounting package for NPA. Upon selection of QuickBooks as the most suitable way forward to automate accounting and financial reporting, implementation of and training on this accounting software package began in 2009. The IT infrastructure requirements for the effective implementation of the software were determined and implemented. Most of the NPA financial data have been entered into the system, enabling the preparation of regular financial statements.

  • Significantly improved internal controls by increasing data integrity allowing reconciliation with external data, bank statements, and shipper’s documents, and segregating duties and restricting access to functional areas in the QuickBooks software.

  • Re-engineered business processes and workflows for all financial management and reporting functions, transaction processing, financial reporting, cash handling, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and budget control and reporting.

  • Developed a revised organization structure for the NPA Finance Department to support the implementation of the more efficient business processes and QuickBooks.

  • Developed an improved budget structure and budgeting process increasing accountability for NPA managers and improving transparency and NPA Board oversight ability.

  • Assessed financial risks and designed and implemented controls in procurement, accounts payable, payroll, petty cash, revenue, and billing.

  • Blocked improper contracts for procurement of tugboat that substantially failed to meet specifications and that was grossly overpriced.

  • Exposed improprieties and lack of vendor capabilities on wreck removal and container movement contracts.

  • Blocked a major employee insurance contract that would have resulted in NPA overpaying by as much as $1 million for employee insurance coverage over a five year period. 

  • To support port reform, conducted extensive training and developed procedures manuals on internal audit.

  • Developed a roadmap for the organizational restructuring of the NPA Equipment Maintenance Department, identifying capital and human resource requirements.

Please see the relevant reports and documents in the Library for more information on GEMAP assistance activities at the National Port Authority.