European Union

The European Commission (EC) has underpinned GEMAP by providing support and technical expertise from its 9th EDF Institutional Support Programme (ISP) and current Institutional Support and Capacity Building Programme (ISCBP), by supporting institutional development efforts at the General Auditing Commission (GAC). In addition, the EC co-funded the GEMAP mid-term evaluation.

Key outputs of Long-Term Technical Assistance to the GAC under GEMAP include:

  • Support to developing the legal framework, including the Public Financial Management Act and the drafting of the New GAC Act, as well as developing GAC Strategic Plan and Mission Statement.

  • Support to GAC operations, including the GAC Senior Management Committee and Human Resource Management.

  • Implementation of on-the-job training activities, including basic training for 206 staff, follow up reinforcement training for 101 staff, and registration of 43 staff to AAT certification course. Basic training was also provided to 67 audit trainees.

  • Support to the development of a quality control process for the GAC through establishing a Quality Assurance Department, conducting a Quality Assurance workshop and developing a Quality Control Manual.  In addition, an Audit Manual and a Training Policy were prepared.